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Me, moments ago, to Ben Affleck…

Man…look at this…


So first, a refresher on where I’m coming from: fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (who isn’t?), have some knowledge of  the characters in comic book form, but not everything.

So I’ll try to keep my hot takes spoiler free from here on out…

  • James Spader as the voice of Ultron was fantastic casting.  Smarmy, whiny, and funny as hell.  Maybe a little too funny for the main villain, whose goal is the destruction of mankind.
  • Conversely, nice to get Paul Bettany some face time.  He’s one of many references to the individual films of the heroes who makes a cameo of sorts in the Big Sequel. Really sells the idea that all these films take place inside one Universe.
  • But with all these allusions to past and future films, when we actually go to Wakanda we don’t get a cameo or even a more direct reference to…?
  • Speaking of the future, I thought the single thing Avengers 2 did best was lay the groundwork for the upcoming ‘Civil War’ storyline.  If we don’t get worn out on superhero films in the next decade, that will be The One.

Overall, another really fun movie that feels like a comic book come to life (though I still prefer the first one).  DC released the Suicide Squad team picture tonight.

They better get on point…



The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been called the one closest to a ‘real movie’.  I get that.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier lets us catch up with Marvel’s resident Boy Scout in a post Avengers world.  Disclaimer for those who don’t know, when it comes to Marvel, I’m a complete ‘casual fanboy’, so the vast majority of inside references, either I have to look up when I get home or have someone else break it down for me.  I say that to say, my higher than normal interest in this film wasn’t due to Scarlett having a more featured role; (that doesn’t hurt but) for me it was all the buzz going in on how this one was influenced by 70s conspiracy thrillers (yes) and featured Robert Redford in a major supporting role (hell yes).  So for me as a film geek, seeing Redford and Sam Jax share a few scenes was damn near worth the price of admission alone.

Without going too deep into plot points for anyone else who hasn’t seen it yet, the theme of this film is ‘Who Can You Trust?’  Are we the good guys, really?  What if you (as a soldier) are waist deep in a war, then you realize you might be fighting for the wrong side?  All philosophical questions I can ponder for years on end (and I have).  No worries for those of you who come for the action, there’s more than enough warships and guns and double crosses to feed the summer movie buzz.  I liked this one a lot more than Thor 2 personally.

So that’s one down.  Peter Parker, I believe you are on deck…