Happy Father’s Day

Hope all had a good Father’s Day. Everyone doesn’t have good relationships with their fathers. Some don’t have any relationship. Some do but it’s really toxic. I have a great one. First of one of many good breaks I’ve caught in life, but probably the most important. So I’m running back the ending from ‘Call […]

Video of the Day – “Call Me By Your Name Coda”

  While Chalamet is still on my radar, today is the perfect day to post this. ‘Call Me By Your Name’ on the whole left me kind of cold, but THIS monologue (which I’m told they pulled directly from the book without changing it)… Performed by one of our best character actors Michael Stuhlbarg, this […]

‘Call Me By Your Name’

  Liked it.  Didn’t love it til the end. In recent memory, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ is an excellent story of forbidden love; ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ feels more three dimensional (and more explicit sexually).   ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is strong for what it is; a young man discovers his sexuality and comes of age […]