Video of the Day – ‘King of Rock’

  I don’t think I’ve done a wrestling related post in quite a while, and I had NO idea until recently they actually cut a video for this alternate theme. If you didn’t know the ‘why’ this was put together, I still think this is a damn good rap-rock hybrid (from the Kings of the […]

Another Sports Commentary – Kind Of…

  If you’ve been keeping up with (sports) news lately, you know there’s been quite a bit of juicy news off the field as of late.  Former superstar quarterback Michael Vick was finally released from prison.  On top of most likely ruining his football career, his finances are in complete ruin.  Tens of millions of […]


  The first time I recall scaring my mother I was still in elementary school.  I was straight A student, running for class president, pegged as ‘one of the good ones’ by church and family.  Anyway, I remember making a comment along the lines of “being on top of the world and still having nothing.”  […]