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Wow.  Where to begin?

Homosexuality. Drug Abuse.  Having a stronger bond with friends than blood.  Barry Jenkins’ ‘Moonlight’ touches on so many heavy topics; one of the many beautiful things about this film is that it doesn’t beat you over the head with any of its subject matter.

Set in Miami over three acts, this is the story of Chiron (played by a different actor in each act), a quiet, emotionally guarded young man trying to find his place in the world.  Internally and externally, it’s clear he’s ‘different’ from a very early age.  How the people around Chiron react to him shapes the story.  The local drug dealer who takes an interest in him (Mahershala Ali, continuing to shine with every opportunity he gets).  Chiron’s mother, who has her own issues to deal with (Naomie Harris, who would have the Oscar locked up if Viola was slotted in the Lead category).

And Chiron’s childhood buddy Kevin (also played by three different actors for each act).  Their relationship is the centerpiece of the film, so let me touch on it without spoiling it (if that’s possible).  Is it a homosexual relationship.  By definition, yes.  But what pulled me (and apparently so many others) in was that, truly, it’s a great portrait of ‘intimacy’ regardless of sexual orientation.  If you’re lucky you’ll have a handful of people in life you’ll feel completely comfortable being yourself with.  There’s a monologue near the end that Chiron gives that’s so well done…you just have to see it.

So yep, loved it.  Hope it keeps getting as much recognition as possible from now through February.



You all know part of being a People’s Champion for me is also getting hyped and spreading the word when I see or hear about something that can potentially introduce a new voice or expand the conversation.

So yeah, this trailer does it.  Bonus points since I recognize the Wyandotte homegirl has a part in this film too.

Really looking forward to this one…



The first thing that struck me as I watched this film is how this man’s life, this man’s real life, would be completely unbelievable if presented as a fictional character.  This adaptation of his autobiography is epic when presenting the African continent, and claustrophobic when showing his Mandela’s decades in prison.  It’s as solid as a film can probably be to try to capture this man’s life.

Idris is solid in the title role; in capturing his entire life, Elba is probably the best suited actor right now to play Mandela as a younger, more sexualized Mandela (no disrespect to Mr. Freeman or Fish). Just my personal opinion, but the real star of the film is Naomie Harris as Winnie.  If you only know her as Moneypenny, this part is a revelation.  The camera loves her, and her character arc is more interesting than the well known mythology of Nelson.  For what it’s worth, combine this with ‘Beasts of No Nation’, and this is the second time lately where Idris is the headliner but his co-star takes the movie. As an actor and a filmmaker, this kind of ‘generosity’ makes me like him even more.

Streaming on Netflix now.  Didn’t do what it was expected to do last awards season, but still worth watching.