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Sometimes, you need to see something to realize how obvious it should have been.  Of course if you wanted to do a fresh take on the Kennedy assassination, you should do it from Jackie’s point of view. Of course, if you want an A-list actress who can play glamorous, fragile, and upper class in one stroke, who else but Natalie Portman?

So on paper, ‘Jackie’ was already a great idea; the execution of the idea pretty much comes through.  Portman is aces as the First Lady; she nails the light, finishing school accent that was part of the public’s image of the future Mrs. Onassis.  This is the story of the film as well: immediately after the assassination, Jackie Kennedy tosses back every suggestion, some genuine, some condescending, to ‘take her children and disappear’.  At least not until she plays a major role in assuring her husband’s (fairly short) time as President of the United States goes down in history.

Portman and the screenplay both do an excellent job of reminding us: this woman had to be under an extraordinary amount of stress.  She was sitting right next to her husband when his head is literally blown off; she’s suddenly a single mother of two very young children, and by the way she happens to be one of the most famous women in the world.

‘Jackie’ is a really powerful film, and my gut says it’s Portman’s best overall performance.  Worthy of its spot in the awards season conversation.


Here are the nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role:

Cate Blanchett – Carol

Brie Larson – Room

Jennifer Lawrence – Joy

Charlotte Rampling – 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn

Who Should Win: Cate has been here. You can kind of feel the people are wearing on J.Law.  No more ‘Hunger Games’ helps, but she may need to do the Natalie Portman/Anne Hathaway ‘lay low’ move for a minute (and she’s still really young which is part of it).  Brie should win here.

Who I’m Not Cheering For: Charlotte Rampling.

Who I’m Cheering For and Who Will Win: She’s paid her dues (which actors love) and from the Q&A I went to, she seems to have remain grounded from all the years before this.  Brie Larson.

Here are the nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Bryan Cranston – Trumbo

Matt Damon – the Martian

Leonardo Dicaprio – the Revenant

Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs

Eddie Redmayne – the Danish Girl

Who Should Win: By degree of difficulty…it should be Redmayne going back to back right? That might be my Method bias…

Who I’m Not Cheering For: Matt Damon

Who I’m Cheering For and Who Will Win:



No need to be complicated about this one.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Have a good weekend!


A Few Thoughts…


Let’s see here…

Alright. In no particular order…

  1. Rey…I still haven’t seen it officially stated, but we all believe she’s descended from that Natalie Portman – Carrie Fisher bloodline right?
  2. Almost a disturbing lack of Luke so far…fair to think they’re going literal with the ‘Obi-Wan’ parallels (loner on his own, who may only be making a ‘last cameo’?)
  3. Oscar Isaac is getting pretty close to getting that ‘envy/admiration’ lifetime pass from me. This flick might finally push it over the top.
  4. Speaking of lifetime passes, I’m always going to have a little bias toward the director who I know from personal experience has a clear vision for doing these Hollywood blockbusters. (Being a Starfleet Captain was gravy, but I’m all in if you need me for a day in this Universe, JJ!)
  5. He looks outmatched and that clip, but still, seeing Finn Aziz holding that blue lightsaber.  Man, man, man…

(So let’s see, I’ve got an opening weekend screening, the Christmas screening with my hometown homies, probably a screening with the Office, and I need to just go by myself once to judge it as a film geek.  That’s four.  Might as well round it up and plan to see this five times before the year is out.)

Oh. You’re still here? Did I say that last part out loud?



I warned you things would start quickly this year…

From the team that brought you Natalie Portman: the Musical, this year begins with Christian Bale: the Musical!  If you saw the last show, you’ll know the tone and style that we do, if you missed the last one…well, you’re in for a nice surprise, aren’t you?

We open Friday night and run to the 19th, at the Chromolume Theatre, 5429 W. Washington Boulevard, City of Angels.

You can get tickets/make reservations by emailing naileditprod@gmail.com

Come down, and be ready to laugh!



So what’s coming up next?

Well, we’re in rehearsal for another play.  From the group who brought you ‘Natalie Portman’…, we start next year bringing you ‘Christian Bale – the Musical’.  Bad news, this time I’m not Samuel L. Jackson.  Good news, I’m another narrator.  Perhaps, the best known narrator.  His voice, known by millions around the world.  For his slow, southern timber.  Like the voice of God.  He’s actually played God once or twice.

After that tease, I don’t have to tell you who I’m impersonating, now do I?

Get your tickets here:

Christian Bale: the Musical!


The end of this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival which means the end for this run of ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical!’  If you haven’t got your tickets yet:


The sitcoms that tend to stick with us personally are usually the ones where it feels like the actors really like each other beyond the characters they’re playing.  Fun and chemistry are a contagious thing.  I won’t use this space to rave more about the talented group of actors I’ve shared the stage with on this production.  Not tonight anyway.  Even if this is the ‘goodbye’ for this production, when the opportunities present themselves, we’ll continue to work together on various projects.  It’s one of the things you don’t ‘learn’ as much as you ‘see’ it happen in this town: you find people you like, you keep working with them.  It’s a hard enough business/life without trying to start from scratch every go round.  (See Apatow, Judd and everybody he started as the current ‘model’.)

So here’s to a couple more fun shows…and whatever comes next.



Now the fun really begins…

Three shows of ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical!’ this weekend, the first one…Midnight Tonight!

This ensemble of ours is a well oiled machine; if you’ve seen the show in our previous incarnation, you should come back to see the newest modifications.  The beauty of sketch comedy and improv is every show is different.  Don’t miss out!



nataliesesameSome of you know better than others that last weekend’s show was behind the scenes a comedy of errors.  I honestly only remember two things from last week’s show: the crowd was hot as hell (I think they were cheering before I even said a line), and the girls cracked in the last sketch.  It was a great show, but my mind was a fog.

But not this weekend Jack!  I’m rested, I’m in better spirits, I’m prepared.  Let’s do this!  Come on down Saturday or Sunday night and be ready to laugh!




Self Promotion Time!

‘Natalie Portman: the Musical!’ is back starting this Friday as part of the prestigious Hollywood Fringe Festival!

I have heard that ‘Samuel L. Jackson’ and ‘Chris Rock’ will be there among others, will you?