It’s OK Rich…

  Funny, I was just watching this last week for acting purposes… But since Quincy Jones felt the need to throw the 1960s under the bus this week, let me post this… More serious people, who are more directly affected by homophobia than I, can speak to some of the uglier comments around Q’s revelations […]

‘I, Tonya’

  Someone called this ‘Goodfellas for the ice skating world’.  That’s actually, pretty accurate. Beyond the blond bombshell stuff, I knew Margot Robbie could actually act.  So I wasn’t shocked to see how well she took to the accent and (I don’t even know if this is the best way to phrase this) ‘toned down’ […]

‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’

  At least as far as the acting awards go, the frontrunner for a lot of Oscars is still ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’.  Out of what I’ve seen so far, this one isn’t as showy (visually) as ‘The Shape of Water’ but I found myself more engaged story wise. The setup: when a young […]

Song of the Day – ‘N.E. Heartbreak’

  The weekend, and a new month! The playlist gave me a couple of my favorite ‘hood’ jams: ‘I’m a Thug’, and ‘Ambitionz az a Ridah’. But, I just refuse to start Black History Month posting one of those. So we’ll start the weekend with New Edition. Enjoy gang, next Best Picture review Super Bowl […]

‘Lady Bird’

  It’s exciting (and a little sad) to think of how much good territory there still is to cover in genre films, simply by seeing these stories through the eyes of different storytellers (and by extension, different protagonists.)  I personally feel ‘Get Out’/horror was the best example this awards season, but ‘Lady Bird’/coming of age […]

‘The Shape of Water’

  I get it.  I get why this is the frontrunner. ‘The Shape of Water’ checks off so many boxes, even to a film geek like me.  Non traditional love story? Check.  Feels super original in the land of remaking everything? Check.  Non verbal lead character? Check.  Character actors who character actors worship (Michael Shannon […]

Song of the Day – ‘She Drives Me Crazy’

  Editor’s Note first: now that we know what’s what, my feelings are the Oscar nominated films I haven’t touched yet will start up again Sunday night.  My reaction looking over the nominations this morning:  there are some definite frontrunners (mostly in the acting categories), but I really don’t know who’s winning Best Picture.  More […]

Song of the Day – ‘Candy Rain (Remix)’

  The weekend! I didn’t realize til this morning the Oscars nominations come out Tuesday, so we’ll take a few days off from the movie reviews and see how that falls. In the meantime, something upbeat to start the weekend. And I miss Heavy D. Have a good one gang!  

‘The Florida Project’

  Kind of a sad film, but another child star is born. ‘The Florida Project’ is set in Orlando, but this is the city that has nothing to do with Disney World.  (A concept I love; I just had a conversation with a friend about what life could possibly be like for people who live […]