Video of the Day – ‘2019 Oscars Opening’

A day of a Beatles playlist, and rehashing old stories with the homies that made me laugh myself to tears three different times, and now I’m out of tears. In a ‘We Are the Champions’ mood. So let me go backward one more time for this one. Very smart producing choice to get the people […]

‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’

Three quick notes about the SAG Award nominated, ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ Not all, but most artists, after they establish they can throw fastballs in one genre, want to branch out and prove they do other things. Especially actors. Melissa McCarthy is one of our best working comediennes, of course she wants to prove […]

‘Green Book’

I think all the outside stories (Viggo using the n word, Mahershala apologizing to Don Shirley’s family) have already killed any gold ‘Green Book’ might have been up for. I’ll just pick out a few things I thought about while watching this one. While this exact true story is new, the formula (black guy and […]


I don’t know if this particular film needed the help, but first off let me say Netflix is getting better at playing to the eyes and ears of the film geek community.  I got to see ‘Roma’ at the Directors Guild over Thanksgiving weekend, on the big screen the way I’m sure Alfonso Cuaron (and […]

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Does ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ reinvent the wheel for musical biopics? No.   Could it have gone further in detailing why Freddie Mercury is an icon, to multiple communities?  Definitely. But is it fun?  Does Rami Malek excel in the ‘every reason to fail’ role of making the audience believe he’s Freddie Mercury?  Absolutely. The end of Mercury’s […]


So yes, to say Spike is ‘back’ is condescending.  He’s been working.  The word I thought of last night as I walking out of the theatre was ‘accessible.’  This is the most accessible Spike Lee joint in a little bit.  My parents have no interest in seeing (and probably don’t even know about) ‘Chi-raq’ and […]

‘Black Panther’

Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, Coming to America…Black Panther is in the pantheon of great black films, immediately. So what can I say that hasn’t been hot taked to death already?  I picked a few things… Stakes – Yes, I’m going to use ‘the Dark Knight’ as one of the best examples, but it’s […]