Video of the Day – ‘Elevators’

The weekend! The brothers reminded me it’s been a year since we lost our Frat Marek Jacobs. Can only speak for myself, but I went through all the emotions again: sadness and grief and reminscing. I think it’s coincidental but maybe it’s not, that in the past 365 days I’ve made quantum leaps forward and […]

Cover of the Day – ‘Prototype’

  The weekend is here, and I’ve been blown away. The Gram, THE GRAM! of all places put this cover on my radar. 3000 is one of my all time favorite lyricists, and I’ve always loved this song.  As a singer though, I say with no arrogance we’re in the same league: ‘actor singers’.  People […]

Video of the Day – ‘Benz or Beemer’

  Started the holiday week with some music… My avatar in MLB The Show 18 just called up by the Braves, and I’m trying to figure out how to make him do the Bankhead Bounce after he hits a home run. (Ask your parents kids…) Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘Elevators’

  The only show I had time to binge over the holiday break was ‘Atlanta’.  But oh it was so worth it.  Talking among (black) creative friends, nothing else this year brought out the same mix of laughter and creative envy.  More than worthy of the Golden Globes it won last night. So take your […]

Song of the Day – ‘Watch for the Hook’

You knew this was coming… One of my personal top 10 hype songs.  And Breeze’s verse… If my generation would have been the ‘I’m tatting up every inch of my skin’ generation, I’m 90 percent confident that verse would have been covering my entire back.  Can’t put a number on how many times I rapped […]

‘The Art of Organized Noize’

The first bias here is I have nothing but good memories of Atlanta.  Lenoxx.  Spelman Deltas. The Blue Flame. And Club 112.  Years apart, I’d go there and kick it, then after the club let out, we’d roll around Buckhead, and ended up in some parking lot.  And Cee-Lo was there with his people.  Twice. […]