Video of the Day – ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’

The weekend is upon us. One of the little homies told me this morning, he’s about the positivity now, and I half jokingly told him, ‘Like Father, Like Son.’ But not joking at all, it made my day.   Spread love people.  It’s the Brooklyn way, and it’s my way. Have a good one folks.

Song of the Day – ‘One More Chance’

  In terms of the overall package, I will always be preferential to Pac.   BUT… If we’re talking about the best lyricist, with the nicest metaphors; in the debate with Rakim, Hov, Nas and whoever else you want to throw in there… [Intro: The Notorious B.I.G. (Diddy) – Bridge in the background]Uhh…What? (That’s right! […]