Ramadan 2013 – Community

  I just finished re-reading Manning Marable’s analysis of Malcolm X.  Marable ends with his belief that Malcolm would have denounced the 9/11 attacks as being fundamentally against everything Islam stands for, despite the claims of those who carried out the terrorism.  Marable’s thesis at the end is Malcolm should be held up as a […]

Ramadan 2013: ‘Message to the Blackman in America’

  For the second year in a row, I’ll begin Ramadan entering into a peak period of my life.  I’m no longer ‘hitting’ my stride, I’m living in it.  Around my birthday, I wrote a post referencing what it meant when you start living on ‘third base’.  Deep fundamental changes start taking place… We all […]

Song of the Day – ‘Who Do You Believe In?’

  Can’t close my eyes cause all I see is terror I hate the man in the mirror Cause his reflection makes the pain turn realer Times of Armageddeon, murder in mass amounts In this society where only gettin the cash counts I started out as a beginner Entered the criminal lifestyle became a sinner […]

New Muslim Cool

  The documentary New Muslim Cool is available on Netflix Instant.  Made a couple years back, the film follows a Puerto Rican brother by the name of Hamza, who converted to Islam and credits the religion for turning his life around.  In my opinion, this doc offers one of the better, more personal views of what it’s […]

Ask a Muslim 4 & What’s Next

  So I have something fun and exciting that I’ve been working on that I’ll start pubbing Sunday night/Monday morning.  Before then, here’s your last post to go into the weekend, a humourous edition (in my opinion at least) of the Ask a Muslim Series:    

The Luxury of Silence/The Price of Honesty

  This is a story of passion, so let’s begin by using one of our passions as a way of easing into the story… I was watching The Matrix Revolutions the other day.  Not as bad as people remember, but as we all know, the third film in trilogies have a habit of leaving some people very […]