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Rap group Run DMC are (l.-r.) DJ Run (Jason Simmons), DMC (D

I don’t think I’ve done a wrestling related post in quite a while, and I had NO idea until recently they actually cut a video for this alternate theme.

If you didn’t know the ‘why’ this was put together, I still think this is a damn good rap-rock hybrid (from the Kings of the from, but still…)

And yes, I’ll be bringing this back as an entrance theme when I step into the Mike Tyson honorary special guest referee role in a WrestleMania somewhere down the line…

Image result for mike tyson dx gif






All these years…

And I’m just now seeing Santa drives a Cadillac sleigh.

Going to rethink my childhood.

Meanwhile, enjoy!



Oh, don’t act like you know I wasn’t going to get around to this one…





(hanging out in a dark, cavernous space below ground level…)

(every dressed in all black, from hoodies to boots…)

(nearly every major rap crew of the time is represented…)

(anyone caught smiling for more than 5 seconds straight was immediately shot…)

Do I really have to tell you how much I wanted to be in this video when I was a young pup?




It’s completely possible this is the first rap song I knew the lyrics to. I remember doing this one with my cousins many moons ago…




Nuff said today.