Song of the Day – ‘T.R.O.Y.’

  A solemn day for my tribe today. Marek Jacobs, one of the young brothers who brought me into Alpha at the University of Kansas, passed away after a fight with stomach cancer. I can’t tell you the specific first time I met Brother Jacobs, but I imagine it was something along the lines of […]

‘Beyond the Lights’

  Let’s start with something I retweeted this morning… Black women directors have been on a roll lately — Wash 👏🏾your 👏🏾hands👏🏾 (@FeministaJones) November 23, 2014 Yes…yes it is. Beyond the Lights brings Gina Prince-Bythewood back to the writer/director chair and it was well worth the wait in my opinion.  The pitch is a classic Hollywood […]

2010 – The Return of Bruce Wayne

  A couple weeks into 2010, the last film I wrote and directed was being introduced to a national audience by a movie star.  With a couple of weeks to go in 2010, I got to host a show where I gave an up and coming rapper/producer his first television experience.  I love the harmony […]

Best of 2010

TV and film-wise, there was good work as always but I wasn’t as overwhelmed by things as I have been in years past.  There’s going to be a lot of ‘Top 10’ lists the next couple weeks; here are 5 films and TV shows that caught my eye the past 12 months: 5. Toy Story […]


If you’re a regular reader of mine, you know I look at (my) life through three prisms: spiritual happiness, professional growth, and personal relationships.  As I look at where I am now, compared even to 12 months ago, I’m incredibly humbled. At 33, I’ve written and directed a professional short.  I still can’t say enough […]

Just Another Day…

So you came by today because you want to know how I went 7 for 10 in my Golden Globe predictions right?  No?  Oh yeah, that ‘other thing’… I’ll try to knock this out quickly and in chronological order, frequently asked question format… Woke up, went for my Sunday run, came home, my stomach was […]