‘Wayne Thanksgiving’

  I was at the game last night, but this skit was sent to me multiple times this morning. And for good reason, it’s great. If you tell me this is one of the pieces Donald Glover ghostwrote for this episode…I wouldn’t doubt you for a millisecond. Enjoy!  

‘White Like Me’

  Found out over the weekend how deeply my family in Houston was affected by one hurricane, and how old classmates are in the path of Irma.  So instead of a musical diversion to start the weekend, we’re going comedy… This, has always been my favorite Eddie Murphy thing.  Not ‘Coming to America’. Not ‘Raw.’ […]

Aziz Ansari on SNL

  This has been a weekend. Saturday: how can you not be impressed? I know men and women who marched in DC, I know men and women who marched in L.A.  I don’t think it’s remotely coincidental these are the same people who have my back when I drop the comedy and speak with passion […]

Song of the Day – ‘Hallejuah’

  If you want to argue SNL has their fair share of blood on their hands for bringing the President-Elect into ‘normalcy’, I have no counter. I picked today’s song out of respect for Leonard Cohen, and to again ask the question: HOW TALENTED IS KATE MCKINNON?!?  

My Heroes

  Many thoughts still, but as of this writing, we still have at least eight years to cover that. In the meantime, you most likely knew I’d start this week with a sketch from last night’s SNL.  It was just a matter of which one. I still have to pick my spots with the interwebs […]

Well done SNL.

  So… I could go into my soapbox again this Sunday with another reminder of how, historically, one of the One Percent’s most effective tactics in turning working class whites against their own interest is fanning the ‘Other’ tag (which right now obviously includes Mexicans and Muslims), even though from a captalist, every day life […]

We Get It SNL…

You’re routinely showing your teeth and I love you for it. As I (and others have expressed), I wish there wasn’t so much at stake, and I could just laugh wholeheartedly laugh at this.  Maybe someday. For now, enjoy!

‘Black Jeopardy’

  OK, if the whole point of this semi-recurring bit was to get to a point where they could land that last joke? And props to Elizabeth Banks for (as usual) being a good straight (w0)man. Well done… ‘Black Jeopardy’