Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been called the one closest to a ‘real movie’.  I get that.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier lets us catch up with Marvel’s resident Boy Scout in a post Avengers world.  Disclaimer for those who don’t know, when it comes to Marvel, I’m a complete ‘casual […]


  The latest film from Spike Jonze, Her, is funny, and creepy, and it’s a dead on social commentary…and it’s brilliant. Set in the ‘very near future’, the story revolves around Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix as Spike’s on screen avatar), a shy guy who still hasn’t fully jumped back in the game after a messy divorce.  He buys […]

The Rum Diary

  My interests cover a lot of ground, but I can’t say I’m anyone’s Hunter S. Thompson fan.  Don’t dislike the man, just not in my wheelhouse.  I ‘got’ Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas as one big acid trip (and a good Terry Gilliam piece) but that’s as far as it moved me. So […]