Super 8

  No pun intended but ‘Super 8’ is in almost every way a throwback to an earlier generation of filmmaking.  I know I’m not the first person to say this but the early works of Spielberg are all over this bad boy.  You don’t have to be a film geek as much as you have […]

Limitless XVI – Trojan

(Let me open this chapter by saying I almost certainly do more name dropping in the next few paragraphs than you will ever hear me do in a five minute conversation in real life.  Nature of the beast…) Like any film geek worth his salt, I knew the names of the filmmakers who either graduated […]

Most Important Black Films – #16 The Color Purple

Based on the critically acclaimed novel, The Color Purple was an equally popular film that received its fair share of critical acclaim.  On to the tale of the tape… Relevance:  The storyline of black life in the South in the early 20th century would be enough for this category.  The inclusion of the film’s author and the film’s […]