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The weekend is here!

Stumbled into a live Stevie performance from before my time, and when you run into a live Stevie performance, well…

Have a good weekend everyone!




Finished compiling my latest writing soundtrack.  Found a place for one of my all time favorites.

Not the only songwriter whose songs you can just read the lyrics as a great poem, but Stevie might outrank them all.





I have no idea why this one jumped in my mind this morning, but it did.

I could say I’m ashamed I didn’t know for years that this was a (fantastic) cover of a Stevie song, but guys, I’m not that old.





Keeping with the Blues theme…

Definitely my favorite song by Elton.  Always heard he thought of it as a ‘Ray Charles song’.  Was way too young to know this when I first fell in love with it, but evidently that’s Stevie playing harmonica in the middle section (as if I needed more reason to feel this song.)





While my childhood was one of many defined by what came next, as an adult I can’t really argue with anyone who feels ‘Off the Wall’ is a superior album.  Spike’s documentary captures all the reasons why.

As the title suggests, the first half covers the journey and how (absurd as it sounds now), Michael Jackson was having a hard time figuring out how to be taken seriously.  He was the bubblegum kid singer, he was the novelty at the front of the novelty act the Jackson 5.  As (a nice interview choice here) Kobe Bryant explained, young Mike was a hardcore student of his craft.  Not just studying Sammy Davis Jr’s moves, and James Brown’s moves, but how the industry treated them as black stars.

After ‘the Jacksons’ became a success after leaving Motown, it was time.  The concert footage really captures why ‘Rock With You’ is one of my favorite videos.  No one (in all the good and bad ways) was more theatrical than Michael Jackson, but he could blow you away with nothing but the microphone in his hand.  A great vocalist.

The last third of the film is the track by track breakdown.  Everyone from Questlove to his brothers, to Stevie Wonder breaking down ‘the last great disco record.’ Rock With You. Off the Wall. She’s Out of My Life. I Can’t Help It. Turn this Disco Out.

Yep, that album still holds up.  So does this doc.

Was a Showtime exclusive for a long time, now you can rent it on iTunes and I assume your other digital channels.



Planned to spend a week paying tribute to all the times the White House welcomed and encouraged the arts.  I fell behind on my movie reviews this year, but this is a nice substitute.

All isn’t forgotten yet Jimmy with the way you fawned over you know who.

But this is nice.  Happy MLK Weekend everyone.  Back Monday night.




Feeling joyous and sense the weekend is approaching so really, who better than Stevie?





A Public Service Announcement for my fellow Angelenos:

Number one of my best concerts ever is Prince at the Forum.  Number two is Stevie at the Bowl.

These guys at the Bowl is number three.

And they’re playing there again next month.

Well worth the price of admission if you haven’t experienced them live.




So, my plan coming out of Ramadan was for today to be the first ‘Soapbox Sunday’, where I’ll just talk about whatever’s on my mind.

But last week was…yeah…

So we’ll continue to monitor what’s going on.  God willing, nothing else that screams EMERGENCY goes down in the next seven days.

Ideally, this week will just be songs that put a smile on my face, and a week from now, I’ll talk about something will a little more gravity to it.  Hopefully not life or death gravity, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it…

Here’s the song to start the week.  Enjoy!



Felt like we all lost at least one person we admired this week (some of us more than one).  So no jokes to start this weekend.

Just a short, sweet love song from the Master.

Have a good one everybody.  Take care of each other. Tell your people how you feel about them.