Song of the Day – ‘Overjoyed’

  Finished compiling my latest writing soundtrack.  Found a place for one of my all time favorites. Not the only songwriter whose songs you can just read the lyrics as a great poem, but Stevie might outrank them all. Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘Lately’

  I have no idea why this one jumped in my mind this morning, but it did. I could say I’m ashamed I didn’t know for years that this was a (fantastic) cover of a Stevie song, but guys, I’m not that old. Enjoy!  

Song of the Day -‘My Michelle Amour’

  Planned to spend a week paying tribute to all the times the White House welcomed and encouraged the arts.  I fell behind on my movie reviews this year, but this is a nice substitute. All isn’t forgotten yet Jimmy with the way you fawned over you know who. But this is nice.  Happy MLK […]