‘Beasts of No Nation’

Fukunaga is the auteur and Idris is the name you recognize on the poster, but ‘Beasts of No Nation’ belongs to Abraham Attah. ‘The Wire’ and ‘City of God’ both excel in showing you how children with no hope can become stone cold killers. ‘Beasts’ asks an even more somber question: ‘What if it’s complete […]

Song of the Day – ‘Spirit of Troy’

(updating Career Bucket List…) ‘Producer on a feature film before I hit 40?’ – Check. Pull off the rare ‘one for us and one for them’ at the same time? – Check. Work with a cast member from my all time favorite show The Wire ? – Check. Work on my favorite current documentary series, 30 for […]


  So here’s the disclaimer, since I haven’t said this publicly in a couple years: whatever DC and/or Warner Brothers do now, I’m OK with it.  The genius Christopher Nolan has already told my story better than I could have possibly imagined.  Now, if I see something that I consider a Schumachery of my franchise, […]

Updated: My 5 Favorite TV Dramas

  Alright, I’ve watched the finale twice.  Just my personal opinion (like everybody else), but here’s my list for the best TV dramas in this ‘Golden Age.’ 1. The Wire I’m not Whitlock, but I do agree this one still stands alone.  I know even among Wire nerds I liked season 2 (the working class) more than […]