Video of the Day – ‘Cry Me A River’

  Whatever we feel about Timberlake (the Boondocks joke: Michael Jackson is not a genre of music comes to mind), this song goes. Thank you Timbaland. And this video!  Man.  Bill Simmons called this ‘the white people’s Hit Em Up’, and he wasn’t wrong.  I mean, he got a straight Britney clone… Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘Get Ur Freak On’

  Made it to another weekend! This one isn’t in the rotation all the time anymore, but every time I hear it, as soon as the beat hits, I’m like ‘Yep, this is a first ballot Hall of Famer.’ Take care of each other.  Another movie review Sunday night. Peace!  

Song of the Day – ‘So Anxious’

Just happened to watch the ep of ‘Parks and Rec’ where Ann reveals she has no idea who Ginuwine is. Which is such a great joke because you’re basically saying (at minimum) you were nowhere near a house party or club (strip or otherwise) in the mid 90s if you have never heard of Ginuwine. […]