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Best Actor



Here are the nominees for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture:

  • Richard Jenkins in ‘The Visitor’
  • Frank Langella in ‘Frost/Nixon’
  • Sean Penn in ‘Milk’
  • Brad Pitt in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
  • Mickey Rourke in ‘The Wrestler’

What Could Happen:  This is probably, probably a two man race.  Sean Penn has won quite a few awards for his performance as Harvey Milk, and he’s won an Oscar in recent memory (Mystic River, probably my favorite Clint Eastwood film).  In the other corner is Mickey Rourke, this year’s ‘feel good/comeback’ story, for his performance in The Wrestler.  Another performance I enjoyed immensely by the way.  The irony in this category though…

What Should Happen:  is my favorite Lead Actor performance listed here is the one put in by Frank Langella playing Richard Nixon.  Frost/Nixon wasn’t a film I was dying to see, but once I got into it, I was immediately drawn in by Langella’s performance.  He’s already won a Tony for playing the same role, but that shouldn’t take away from how well he transitioned his performance from stage to screen. 

Who I’m Cheering For:  I’m sure I’m one of many who wouldn’t mind seeing a win from Penn, Langella, or Rourke.  Penn proved (again) how he can disappear into a character and make it his own; Langella took one of the most unpopular Presidents in American history, and made him a sympathetic flawed human being; and Rourke famously drew from his own career missteps to portray a past his glory days legend trying to stay relevant in a young man’s game.  If I have to choose among the three, I’ll roll with Penn.  From the outside looking in, the character he played seems the least like ‘Sean Penn’ or the characters I normally associate with him (i.e. super machismo man’s man).




Best Supporting Actress



Here are the nominees for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture:

  • Amy Adams in ‘Doubt’
  • Penelope Cruz in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’
  • Viola Davis in ‘Doubt’
  • Taraji P. Henson in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
  • Marisa Tomei in ‘The Wrestler’

What may happen:  The people who love ‘Doubt’ may split the vote between Viola Davis and Amy Adams, opening the door for one of the other three ladies.  It’s also possible (but less likely) that voters may want a ‘sister’ to win and split votes between Taraji and Viola.  Either way, it doesn’t look good for Viola Davis (who did a hell of a job in a few scenes, worth checking out).

Who will probably win: Hmmmmmm.  This is usually the ‘unpredictable’ category.  I could see a case for Penelope or Taraji, but it would be ‘Oscar-style’ to give Marisa Tomei a second Oscar (to prove the first one wasn’t an ‘accident’ – classic urban legend, look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Who I’ll be cheering for:  Taraji.  ‘Benjamin Button’ wasn’t my favorite movie this year, but not because I didn’t enjoy Taraji’s performance.  The sister can act man, and she added a lot to what was probably written as a one-note character.  And you know she’d give a hell of a speech if given the chance.

The Wrestler



Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei are both nominated for Golden Globes for their acting in The Wrestler.  Now, I can’t say I’m a card carrying member of the Mickey Rourke Fan Club; he’s alright of course, but his ‘peak’ was before I started loving movies. The reason this movie was on  my must see list is because of my own interest in the wrestling business.  Like a lot of young boys of my generation, I spent countless Saturday afternoons cutting promos like Ric Flair, jumping off my bunk beds like Ricky Steamboat or Randy Savage, and slamming pillows like Hulk Hogan.  As you get older and you realize it’s a show, it loses its luster of course.  I’m still aware of what’s going on, who’s champion and so forth, but nothing like how I used to be.  I watched Ric Flair retire this year, and for me it really was the end of an era so to speak.

Anyway, this film isn’t about the Ric Flairs or Hulk Hogans who made (and kept) enough money so that the worst price they’ve paid is the damage they’ve done to their bodies (like most professional athletes who spend the second half of their lives in constant pain; another blog for another time).  Mickey Rourke’s character, “Randy the Ram” is one of those big guys from the 80s who made crazy money, blew it all on cars, drugs, i.e. the stuff that doesn’t appreciate in value over time.  Now in the 21st century, he has a grown daughter who wants a relationship with him but can’t let herself trust him, a career built completely on nostalgia, and a body that’s telling him he can no longer do the only thing that he really knows how to do.  It’s a story that we’ve seen a thousand times before, but it’s played so well, it’s still very sad to see. 

Rourke will get nominated, I have no doubt about that.  Can he ride the momentum into a win?  Possibly.  I wasn’t knocked out of my boots by his performance, but he sure as hell put the movie on his back and carried it.  PROPS from me for the Wrestler.  You don’t have to be a Mickey Rourke fan or a wrestling fan to enjoy this movie I think, but it definitely helps.