Finally caught up to Frost/Nixon over the weekend.  For those unfamiliar, Frost/Nixon is a highly fictionalized account of the buildup to the real series of interviews that took place between Robert Frost and Richard Nixon following the resignation of the former president.  Based on the critically acclaimed stage play of the same name, Frost/Nixon is nominated for Best Picture, and for his performance as Richard Nixon, Frank Langella is nominated for Best Actor.

Now, it’s a stretch for me to say I lived through this.  I haven’t watched the actual interviews that took place; I haven’t seen the Broadway production.  So I’ll let you decide if I’m an ideal person to review the film or if I need to do more ‘homework’ before giving you my opinion.  I can say I’ve enjoyed the work of the two leads in other Oscar nominated movies I’m fond of: Michael Sheen for his portrayal of Tony Blair in The Queen; Frank Langella for his small but important role in Good Night and Good Luck. 

I’ve seen my share of Nixon impersonations over the years, but I have to say Langella’s performance is up there with the best of them.  He really played the character from the inside-out (the Method I’m most fond of), making it his own.  In almost any other year, I’d say he’s a strong candidate to win the Best Actor award.  But with Sean Penn’s Harvey Milk and Mickey Rourke’s wrestler in the mix, it’s hard to imagine Langella pulling off the upset. 

So who do I think is going to win?  Well…stay tuned.

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