I’ve found myself humbled to tears recently.  And it didn’t have jack to do with my film or anything of that nature.

Like many others, the disaster in Haiti touched a nerve for me.  I’ve talked with others about it, I’ve blogged about it.  And on MLK Day I put my money where my mouth is and gave to the Red Cross. I’ve used this space to add my voice to the chorus of people who are encouraging others to do what you can.

Yesterday, a good friend of mine told me he was ‘contributing’.  And I said (essentially) “Good for you, glad you’re giving a little something.”

But as I came to learn, in this case it’s not a little something.  My friend happens to be a doctor trained in surgery.  And he’s not giving money, or blood.  He’s going to Haiti to lend his skills first hand.

As I said in the intro, I went through the emotions: shocked and stunned, disbelief and denial (he’s a known prankster), and finally pride and humility.

Those of you who know some of the circles I run in know who this is.  I’ll give him the option of ‘outing’ himself if he chooses to do so.  I still feel embarrassed to be perfectly honest; I gave up a tank of gas basically, he’s going to the frontlines.  I hope the chump change I gave will help, he will most likely save someone’s life (probably more than one).  He knows if I had his training I’d probably be doing the same.

We give each other a lot of crap Doctor, but I’ve never been prouder to call myself your friend.  I pray you have a safe journey, and I have no doubt you’ll be able to sell your story and turn it into a 2011 Christmas release (OK, a little sarcasm to lighten the mood.)