Nothing good lasts forever.  I had a nice little speedbump today reminded me my ideal run will need to take a detour at some point, and I’ve spent a lot of today frustrated.

As I stepped back and put it into a larger perspective though, I had to laugh a little bit.  I’m not in any kind of real danger, I’m not dying or anything.  A year ago, I was stressed out of my mind with a lot of personal and professional drama swirling around me at the same time.  Now I just have what the kids call, “First World Problems.’

Like I said, I’m not dying.  But for some reason, today I thought of this.  One of my favorite endings from a movie I love.  It’s also pretty close to how my close friends think I’m going to go: being wheeled out of Union Station, with some pregnant blonde crying over my body.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to turn off my cell phone for a few hours to avoid some angry phone calls.  Happy Tuesday!