Beasts of the Southern Wild



I doubt this will win Best Picture, but the case can be made Beasts of the Southern Wild is symbolic of what this year’s field of nominees represents: quirky, personal, ‘small’ films, with at least one great performance.

Set deep in the Bayou, Beasts is a parable/fable narrated to us by ‘Hushpuppy’ (Best Actress nominee Quvenzhane Wallis), a six year old wise beyond her years.  It’s not as surreal as Life of Pi, not as eccentric as Moonrise Kingdom, but it occupies that sweet spot in the middle.

Now the big question: do I think ‘Hushpuppy’ has an outside chance to steal the Oscar.  Well…my gut says no.  Sure there’s an outside chance she’ll pick up the pieces of a split vote between the two Golden Globe winners (Chastain and Lawrence), but I think this year one of those two young ladies gets ‘made’ so to speak career wise.

On the other hand, am I rooting for little Q?  Hell, she’s from Houma, for all I know, she’s a second cousin to me.  What do you think?

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