‘The Square’



The Square is watching history as it unfolds.  I don’t say that as a metaphor; the hook for this documentary is in viewing it, and also as a snapshot of the time we live in.  With at times, unbelievable access, the audience watches the removal of Mubarak from power…only for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to fill the void at the top.  (One of the best scenes in the film is watching our protagonists realize, as most history buffs know, that uprooting an entire system doesn’t just mean you removing the unpopular leader.  Otherwise, all you’ve really created is a two party system where the two parties aren’t as different as you may think.)

OK, I’ll stop…

I mentioned this film represents the time we live in.  The growth of YouTube and social media is represented in the film.  While not impossible, it is definitely far more difficult than ever to keep any true mass movement quiet in a way that the rest of the world won’t notice.  As Egypt continues to sort itself out at the end of the film, our protagonists speak proudly about the revolution’s true success in giving ‘the voice’ back to the people.  Cynical as the world has become, that’s a very hopeful thought.

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