Enough Said is a rom com made for adults, but it’s forever going to be known as one of the last cinematic performances of James Gandolfini.  In that way, it’s bittersweet to watch.  I’ve started re-watching the Sopranos again recently, and have the same feeling.  Famously, James Gandolfini has a very obvious physical presence, but he never had the ‘look’ of a leading man.  Like a lot of great character actors, he mastered the art of channeling his insecurities and using it in his craft.  He doesn’t play ‘Tony Soprano’ at all in this film.  His posture is different, the way he interacts with the other characters is different.  As a somewhat defeated ex-husband, he plays closer to the ‘big teddy bear’ that he was said to be in real life.

I didn’t mean to write another mini tribute here; Enough Said is a nice film.  I’m not sure why Hollywood doesn’t push out more romantic comedies about middle aged people; it seemed like there were a lot more of these when I was younger.  Anyway, I recommend this one.