Big Words



Now streaming on Netflix is Big Words, the feature writing and directing debut of Neil Drumming.  Taking place on the eve of President Obama’s first election, the story traces the path of three friends (played by Dorian Missick, Gbenga Akinnagbe, and Darien Sills-Evans respectively) who were once a prominent rap group, but now in their 30s have each carved separate lives for themselves.  As the story plays out, we spend time with each of the brothers, watching them attempt to put their past lives behind them (at least the two MCs seem to be trying to), and get little hints here and there as to why (which I won’t give away here for those who haven’t seen the film yet).

The major cast is rounded out by Yaya Alafia as the love interest of the title character, a cute, down to earth homegirl who lives hip hop. I’m especially biased here as someone who spent a good portion of the Golden Age rocking XXXL jeans and Triple Fat Goose coats in 100 degree weather, but still, I think she nailed her part.  The film is a quiet character study about people growing up and growing apart, which is life, but set in this still relatively untouched world, it’s a pleasant (and quick) hour and half film aimed at my generation.

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