We have a nice routine going I think where I start the week giving a fairly unfiltered update on what I’m up to, the middle of the week is silliness, and we go into the weekend with my libido on full blast.  This week is going to be slightly different because it’s WrestleMania week, but let’s keep that general vibe going.

So barring my fantasy booking where the guy above runs in on the main event and costs Daniel Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, no more C.M. Punk.  And as a fan, like a lot of you, I miss seeing him do his thing.

But with my own personal history, if a guy reaches a burn out point where he says ‘I have nothing else to prove. I’m tired of all this political shit that has nothing to do with why I got into this in the first place.  I want to spend quality time with my girl and my family, I want to hang out with my homies.  Fuck y’all.’  On that regard, I am the LAST person to have a problem with what he did.

So let’s appreciate what he did and move on like he did.  Here’s one of the best hometown reactions ever to start your week.