Today I’m throwing some love back to one of my hardest working fraternity brothers.

I first met Brother Lawrence Ross many years ago when he did a meet and greet for his book ‘The Divine Nine’ (which I also highly suggest for your bookshelf if you’re an active or inactive member of one of historically black fraternities and sororities).  As his twitter handle and the name of his shop suggests, I don’t know if any of us ‘hold the light’ higher than Brother Ross.

The purpose of today’s post is his new shop, which as you can imagine has quite a few shirts directed toward members of our dear fraternity.  As the picture above lets you know, I’m not just a spokesman, I’m also a client!  The shirts don’t fall apart after one wash (some of ya’ll know exactly what I’m talking about), the designs are original (I already have my eye on one of the old gold shirts); whether you’re still on the yard or you’re an oldhead who wants something nice to acknowledge that chapter of your legacy, you can find something nice here.

Good luck again to Brother Ross on his new endeavor!