DCU: Assault on Arkham



The newest Dark Knight film in the Animated Series universe is Assault on Arkham.  Set in the Gotham created by the hugely popular video games, in this story 6 rogues (including Deadshot and Harley Quinn) are sent INTO Arkham Asylum for a hit on the Riddler.  Batman is initially sent on a wild goose chase but surprise, that doesn’t last too long, and he realizes something is up on the Island.

Kevin Conroy voices the Prince of Gotham in this story, but (as happens once in a while) Batman is more of a supporting character as this film plays out.  The focus here is really on the love triangle (you read that right) that develops between Deadshot, Harley and the Joker.  You knew he had to play a role in this right?

There’s some nice one liners (a Denzel Washington reference!) and Easter eggs (a shout out to the Dark Knight that you’ll miss if you blink) sprinkled in here.

Is the Prince of Gotham biased? Of course I am! But I liked it.

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