Not so fast Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain…

Like most of you, I’ve been a fan of Julianne Moore since Boogie Nights (at least).  If ‘Still Alice’ gets her the Lifetime Achievement Oscar, I won’t be mad.  The film is about a brilliant professor who is diagnosed with early on set Alzheimer’s.  Off of the top of my head, I’m pretty sure that’s the best depiction of that specific disease and how it angers and frustrates both the person with it and the people who care about them.

The supporting cast is filled out nicely with some familiar faces. Kate Bosworth as the cold, eldest daughter.  Alec Baldwin as the supportive husband. Kirsten Stewart as the daughter who’s struggling to be taken seriously as a dramatic actress (not touching that joke with a ten foot pole).  But the film belongs to Julianne Moore and of course she’s talented enough to carry it.

Smaller, character piece, you know I dug it.