I loved this one!

There’s always one ‘really small’ movie that doesn’t have a big enough machine behind it to really win Best Picture, but five years later we may look back on it as the Best Picture of the year.  ‘Whiplash’ is that movie this year.

I know I’m biased as a hypercompetitive narcisstic passionate movie lover and artist, but the ‘question’ of the film: where is the line between pushing someone to greatness and driving them away?  Right in my wheelhouse.

Miles Teller aces the ‘young Malik Aziz’ character: the kid who will happily burn away any realistic good romantic option in his pursuit of greatness.  But J.K. Simmons is justifiably getting the love here.  Already in the Character Actor Hall of Fame, I will be one of many who will cheer if he gets the golden man in a few weeks. It’s nice to see him lead (I know, he’s nominated for Supporting), and it’s a pleasure to watch him dominate from frame one of this film.

And did I mention the whole film is built around jazz music? Come on man…

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