Oscar Predictions 2017 – Best Supporting



Here are the nominees for Best Actor in a Supporting Role:

Mahershala Ali – Moonlight

Jeff Bridges – Hell or High Water

Lucas Hedges – Manchester by the Sea

Dev Patel – Lion

Michael Shannon – Nocturnal Animals

Who Should Win: It’s been a good year for movies, which means the supporting categories could easily go 6 or 7 deep with worthy candidates.  None of the five nominated feel out of place in my opinion.  It’s a genuine personal taste choice.

Who I’m Cheering For: My akhi of course.

Who Will Win: Feels like this is the finishing touch for a career year for Mr. Ali.

Here are the nominees for Best Actress in a Supporting Role:

Viola Davis – Fences

Naomie Harris – Moonlight

Nicole Kidman – Lion

Octavia Spencer – Hidden Figures

Michelle Williams – Manchester by the Sea

Who Should Win: Same general feeling as with the guys, I could add a couple other great supporting roles that didn’t make the cut, and there’s one that’s really a lead but, it is what it is.  By the definition of the award, Naomie was heartbreaking in her few scenes.

Who I’m Cheering For: We’re here now so I agree with the consensus that it seems off that Viola Davis doesn’t have an Oscar, so hopefully nothing really wild happens Sunday.

Who Will Win: Viola.

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