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Looking out
Across the nighttime
The city winks a sleepless eye
Hear her voice
Shake my window
Sweet seducing sighs

Get me out
Into the nighttime
Four walls won’t hold me tonight
If this town
Is just an apple
Then let me take a bite

If they say,
Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature
Why, why, does he do it that way
If they say,
Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature
Why, why does he do me that way

Reaching out
To touch a stranger
Electric eyes are everywhere
See that girl
She knows I’m watching
She likes the way I stare

If they say,
Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
If they say,
Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature
Why, why does he do me that way

I like livin’ this way
I like lovin’ this way

Why why
(That way) Why why

Looking out
Across the morning
Where the city’s heart begins to beat
Reaching out
I touch her shoulder
I’m dreaming of the street

If they say,
Why, why, tell ’em that it’s human nature
Why, why, does he do me that way
If they say,
Why, why, ooo tell ’em
Why, why does he do me that way
If they say why, why, cha cha cha cha cha cha
Why does he do me that way
If they say why, why, why, ooo tell ’em
Why does he do me that way
If they say why, ooo tell ’em
Why does he do me that way
If they say why, da da da da da da da da
Why does he do my that way, I like living this way
Why, oh why, why, why





I came to the realization a few days ago that most likely for the rest of my life, a major aspect of my private life will no longer be private.  And in the short term it’s shaping national security for the worst.

If that’s the way it is, fine.  But I’m going to be a lot more active in controlling the narrative.  So as much as I like entertaining purely for entertainment’s sake, I’ve started screenwriting again very very specifically to my voice.

Got in the car this morning and this was first song that came through the jazz station.

Perfect sign.





I retweeted and what not when the news came across my various timelines, but the man who implictly named one of my shorts deserves a more proper tribute.

Rest In Peace, Rod Temperton.  Your lyrics and contribution will live on.



‘Red Bird’


A few of my talented Jayhawk friends who helped me make ‘Lady In My Life’ a few years back need your help in bringing their next vision to the screen.

The name of the web series is ‘Red Bird’, and it’s being written and directed by Misti Boland.  She can explain her vision better than I, so here’s the link to the website with all the info you need.  There’s only a few hours left so help if you can!

Red Bird


The numbers tell me this is post 1,000 on this site.  ONE THOUSAND! So now is as good of a time as any to say thank you.  Whether you come here daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes. Whether you come for the music or the politics. Whether you come to hear my opinions on other people’s projects or want to know more about when I have something out there to promote.  Whether you come to see me be a complete nut or be deeply spiritual and introspective.

I enjoy it, I enjoy all of it.  And I appreciate all of you.  Some I’ve known since teenage years, a few who knew me before there was really a ‘me’ crawling around.  A few new-ish friends who quickly become a type of family.  Some of you we’ve gone on separate ways and (one of the better things about the interwebs) we find as each other as adults and build relationships we weren’t ready for when we first met.  Some of you motivate me more than you know, and I sense sometimes the feeling is mutual.  And some of you I’ll probably never meet ‘in real life’ and this is our ‘thing’.  Such is life these days.

Anyway, so much has happened, just skimming over the first thousand.  What will happen by the time I get to 2K?  I’m looking forward to it.

Cheers to you all.  Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, the Carleton Singing Knights!



Giddy over not being sick anymore + writing one love story + editing another love story + the Weekend = enjoy super duper romantic Malik while it lasts people.





Wilson Pickett did a cover of ‘Hey Jude’?  Really?  How do I not have any memory of this?

Well, it sounds like a great idea on paper, let’s taken a listen…

(clicking Play…)



(Creative Adrenaline Rush!!!)

(acting out and writing the sequence Kerry Washington throws my character and my trumpet out in the middle of the street, and I’m taking the long, terrible Walk of Shame in the rain until I end up on Emma Stone’s porch, where my character (and the audience) have no idea of this thing we’ve been doing is a ‘having fun on the side’ thing or if it’s a ‘real’ thing (cause if it’s NOT a real thing, my character has completely destroyed his life…)


(End of Act One…)

(Tarantino, so help me God if you license this version before I do…)




I can only speak for
The things that I’ve been through
So when it comes to our love
I’ll talk the whole night through
About the lovin’ I’ve been missin’
Lately, baby I ain’t had no kissin’
Don’t you love me
Can we stay together

Like when we used to be in love
But now you’ve got your head on another cloud
Girl, we had a good thing
But now you’ve turned around
Don’t you even care how this love
We’ve had turns out

(Promise me, you’ll leave me never)
(That we’ll be in love forever)
(Promise me, you’ll leave me never)
(And that we’ll be in love forever)

We can work at our love
And make it all brand-new
If we stay together
There’s nothing we can’t do
Improve the lovin’ is what I’m seeing
Let’s do it baby
Don’t fight the feeling
Won’t you love me
Can we stay together

[Repeat Bridge and Chorus]

Forever, ever, promise me you’ll leave me never
Won’t you promise me (That you’ll leave me never)
Promise me, forever and ever, and ever





Making the transition from ‘writing a short’ to ‘producing a short and writing a feature.’

Which means I’m in more of a romantic mood than a purely lustful mood, thus this choice for Song of the Day (or Week in this case).

I’ve said this before with this live version and my mind hasn’t been changed: if you told me the Zapp backup singer holding down bass is one of my uncles who rocked the jheri curl in the 80s…I wouldn’t doubt you for a second.

On that note, enjoy the Labor Day holiday.  Back Monday night.




My body feels like I’ve been in a car accident (ahh the first solid week back working out), my head is throbbing from a migraine (weird weather), and I have more questions than answers in my life at the moment.

In a larger sense though, I’m actually pretty happy.  My routine is somewhat back to normal and I can put my foot back on the accelerator with these other things.  I’ve spent most of today writing and knocking out ‘first of the month’ type of things; the future seems solid as long as I do what I’m supposed to do.

So this week we start with a hype song.  Enjoy!