No Time to Die

Well, I’ll start with the relatively obvious: I’ve never been happier or more at peace.

Anything is possible. I’m not saying that in the optimistic way, but in the pessimistic way. A few of you have at some point read Manning Marable’s excellent breakdown of Malcolm’s life; more of you I think watched the recent documentary, ‘Who Killed Malcolm X?’ on Netflix. I bring this up to say that, beyond the mythology of the ‘Autobiography’, I wanted/needed to learn how I could fulfill my own Calling without waking up one day and feeling I was ‘trapped’.

Anything is possible. But, at this point, it seems very unlikely, that I’ll blindly go down a path that will force my Fraternity brothers to write me out of the history books and get me uninvited to all the future reunions (and cookouts if you catch my drift).

Anything is possible. But at this point, it seems very unlikely, on the other side of ‘Midnight In Kansas,’ ‘1 Out of 30’, ‘Lady In My Life’ and ‘Beautiful Skin’ all getting different levels of public recognition, that I could be turned, or maybe a better turn of phrase would be to say, I would fall into ‘the grass is greener’ territory and look clean past every ally and supporter I have in my own communities… for what? (Although writing characters weighing those kind of compromises is something I clearly enjoy.)

On a semi related and much lighter note, I’ve made peace with my own version of the ‘Prince’ reputation: WAY too private and sexually conservative to have the body count some of you want to give me (and you know who you are), but because of geography, industry, my karma and my genetics, I’m on good terms with an absurd number of beautiful women. My libido has no political loyalty and could care less about a five year plan. But my Endgame is extremely tangible now, so the idea that I’ll be less disciplined… Nah.

I’m not the Black Muslim Dick Cheney…

(Man, I really hope this doesn’t end up with me being the Black Muslim Dick Cheney…) But the ‘how’ I got to this point and whose life I had to irrevocably damage to get here (I like to believe no one but that seems quite idealistic), I’m kind of ‘what’s done is done.’ My heart is full, my ambition is full and (now with the positive connotation),

Anything is possible.

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