‘Benoit: Dark Side of the Ring’

Finished all three parts of the Chris Benoit: Dark Side of the Ring series on Vice (YouTube) today. For understandable reasons, WWE will never touch his story so props to Vice for this.

A few thoughts:

Prepare Yourselves. What happened is forever shocking, and reliving that timeframe through the people who knew them best: family and friends who saw them every day. The emotions still run high. A few new details which weren’t necessarily public knowledge… nobody should have to go through that.

Why did this happen? We’ll never know really. CTE, or steroids, or other things suggested but never explicitly said? All worthy educated guesses. But the signs aren’t really as blatant as in other true crime stories we could name. So watching that to get that answered may leave you disappointed.

Based on longevity as much as anything else, I’ve heard Jericho’s name thrown around more for GOAT status lately. I’ve always been a fan of his, but things we learn he did in the telling of this story do as much for his status as a good guy than anything else. I’ll let you see for yourself.

Forever a depressing story but definitely worth watching.

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