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Still in a family state of mind, I pulled today’s choice right off the #g5qs playlist.




One today for the wrestling fans. I imagine I’ll be posting this one annually it’s for a great cause.

The Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley, is the face of a raffle organized every year by the charity RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network).  For as little as $10, you get the chance for the Ultimate Wrestling Fan Weekend.  Tickets to WrestleMania, a dinner with Foley himself, tickets to JR’s One Man Show…those are just a few of the ridiculous amount of perks available to the grand prize winner.

Full information is here, and good luck.  Or rather in this case, Have a Nice Day!

Foley’s WrestleMania Raffle

‘Black Jeopardy’



OK, if the whole point of this semi-recurring bit was to get to a point where they could land that last joke?

And props to Elizabeth Banks for (as usual) being a good straight (w0)man.

Well done…

‘Black Jeopardy’


MLB Photos: Kansas City Royals

KANSAS CITY, MO – JULY 10 : An aerial view of Kauffman Stadium before the 83rd Major League Baseball All-Star game between the American and National Leagues at Kauffman Stadium on July 10, 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by MLB Photos via Getty Images)

I had a few gentlemen’s bets of my own on the World Series that I won, so this was cool to see.

Well done, Mister Mayor.  Til Next Year…

NYC World Series Payoff!


My personal favorite ‘movie season’ is on the horizon.  This is definitely one of the films I’m looking forward to.

And I won’t have to leave the house to see it.

The times, they are a changing…


It’s the weekend, you know what that means?

All we need is a stage God…


The right time to let my fellow film geeks know this is now on Instant Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet.


Alright, let’s start here.  I fully acknowledge I’m WAY too invested emotionally in this one.  So I’m not going to try to tell you this is the ‘best’ of the several great Ali documentaries.  It’s easily one of my favorites though.

And why?  Because THIS is the one that finally tries to go into detail about ‘the Exile Years’: everyone knows Ali gave up part of his prime because he wouldn’t go to Vietnam.  But whereas pretty much all the other stories give you that one line summary in the context of his athletic career as the Greatest, ‘The Trials of Muhammad Ali’ goes in the other direction, using the boxing career as the dressing in the story of this uniquely American life.

So a lot of the basics of his athletic life is the setup: the boy from Louisville, Olympic gold medalist, supreme confidence from the beginning.  While this…

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I wasn’t avoiding this the past couple of Sundays on some type of defiant/rebellious angle, the eternal optimist in me wanted to believe there’d be some type tangible progress by now.  The political cynic in me somehow knew better though…

That aside, I have a mother and a sister, I have aunts.  I have little girls and young women who know me as Uncle Malik, I’ve at times had young girls who are not my biological flesh and blood look to me as the Man of the House.  I put all of that out there to say, there’s a natural cycle to life, and we all will die at some point, and some relationships come undone and never get repaired.

But, if you don’t have any personal experience in watching your family, violently come apart, pray you never find out what that’s like.




I finally had time to watch Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come on Netflix this week.  The man is the future of ‘the business’ whether you like him or not, so it’s worth a couple hours just to see this documentary of his career.  If you were watching during the Attitude Era, you already know most of the in-ring beats. The forming of D Generation X, the rise to WWE Champion as a singles main eventer, Evolution, the reforming of DX.  But there’s also a lot of great inside stories along the way to keep you interested.  Most interesting to me, (and probably to most people) is his real life relationship with his wife, who also happens to be the boss’s daughter, and how that was perceived inside the locker room and by the fans.  I won’t spoil Undertaker’s two cents, but his words proved prophetic.

Anyway, WrestleMania XXX is this weekend, and Hunter has at least one match against the current It Guy, Daniel Bryan.  Do I think HHH is going to do what’s best for business?


As messy as it was to get there, do I think they’re going to send the New Orleans fans home happy Sunday night?


Am I already planning to use WrestleMania in Cali next year as my no excuses reason to get that off my bucket list?


And for those of you who don’t get that last exchange, one more nice return video to end the week.  I recall watching this live, when he came back after being out nearly a year.  Fans showing their respect even though he was a heel.