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Within context, I was as heated as I’ve been in awhile that I had to give up my ticket for this because family came to town.

Very thankful this was recorded and I (and you) can listen to these five speak about their films and their journey. Thank you to Muslim Public Affairs Council and MuslimARC for this.




We made it to the weekend!

In a Southern state of mind for no particular reason, and you can never go wrong with Dre and Big Boi can you?

Enjoy gang! Have a good one!




Based on the best selling novel, the industry was stunned when Emily Blunt got a SAG Award nomination for ‘The Girl on the Train.’  The question is, is it better than some of the other ‘high profile’ performances that will likely get an Oscar nom in the morning?

‘Better’ is relative obviously, but as far as popcorn movies go, it’s not a bad lead performance.  The story (in short) is a woman (Blunt) prone to blackout binge drinking rides the train everyday past her old home.  Her husband still lives there with his second wife and their baby.  When their nanny turns up dead, all hell breaks loose.

The story is a little soapy for my taste, but the cast is solid and is filled with enough likable actresses in supporting roles (Alison Janney, Lisa Kudrow, Haley Bennett continuing to make us double take and ask, wait is that Jennifer Lawrence?)

Again, it’s not a prestige pic, but it’s exactly what you think it is, like most popcorn pics.




The second best ‘quiet film’ I’ve watched so far this season is ‘Lion’.  Based on a true story, Dev Patel gets a major star turn as a young Indian man raised by Australian parents.  A visit to the home of some Indian friends triggers long ago memories of his original life: his birth mother and a biological brother he was separated from decades ago in India.  A rare positive take on our current ‘Too Much Information’ Age, Saroo (the name of the main character) uses Google Maps to systematically track down his hometown (and his family).

Nicole Kidman gets one of those parts she was born to play as the Australian adoptive mother of Dev Patel’s character.  Her performance is worthy of the nominations she’s been given so far this season.  The cinematography is gorgeous as we spend a lot of time in a part of the world that hasn’t been overexposed.  And as for the meaning of the title?  You’ll have to watch to the end to understand.

This one snuck up on me, but it’s a definite recommend.








Still in a family state of mind, I pulled today’s choice right off the #g5qs playlist.




One today for the wrestling fans. I imagine I’ll be posting this one annually it’s for a great cause.

The Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley, is the face of a raffle organized every year by the charity RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network).  For as little as $10, you get the chance for the Ultimate Wrestling Fan Weekend.  Tickets to WrestleMania, a dinner with Foley himself, tickets to JR’s One Man Show…those are just a few of the ridiculous amount of perks available to the grand prize winner.

Full information is here, and good luck.  Or rather in this case, Have a Nice Day!

Foley’s WrestleMania Raffle

‘Black Jeopardy’



OK, if the whole point of this semi-recurring bit was to get to a point where they could land that last joke?

And props to Elizabeth Banks for (as usual) being a good straight (w0)man.

Well done…

‘Black Jeopardy’


MLB Photos: Kansas City Royals

KANSAS CITY, MO – JULY 10 : An aerial view of Kauffman Stadium before the 83rd Major League Baseball All-Star game between the American and National Leagues at Kauffman Stadium on July 10, 2012, in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by MLB Photos via Getty Images)

I had a few gentlemen’s bets of my own on the World Series that I won, so this was cool to see.

Well done, Mister Mayor.  Til Next Year…

NYC World Series Payoff!


My personal favorite ‘movie season’ is on the horizon.  This is definitely one of the films I’m looking forward to.

And I won’t have to leave the house to see it.

The times, they are a changing…