The second best ‘quiet film’ I’ve watched so far this season is ‘Lion’.  Based on a true story, Dev Patel gets a major star turn as a young Indian man raised by Australian parents.  A visit to the home of some Indian friends triggers long ago memories of his original life: his birth mother and a biological brother he was separated from decades ago in India.  A rare positive take on our current ‘Too Much Information’ Age, Saroo (the name of the main character) uses Google Maps to systematically track down his hometown (and his family).

Nicole Kidman gets one of those parts she was born to play as the Australian adoptive mother of Dev Patel’s character.  Her performance is worthy of the nominations she’s been given so far this season.  The cinematography is gorgeous as we spend a lot of time in a part of the world that hasn’t been overexposed.  And as for the meaning of the title?  You’ll have to watch to the end to understand.

This one snuck up on me, but it’s a definite recommend.

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