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Ramadan 2018 is within range.

I have a lot to say, but still a month to go, so for today, patience…

And we party walk…





The writing was on the wall about a month ago…

The car breaking down every three months?  That stopped happening.  The hopping around from job to job which is somewhat expected in a town like Los Angeles, but I always seemed to be on the extreme end of it?  That stopped happening.  I’d found a certain type of stability…

Friends?  I inherited my father’s good heart, and I’m frankly embarrassed by the number of people I can genuinely call brother, sister, Fam, family, friend, supporter.  I know what it looks like when people feel genuinely ‘alone’.  I’ve seen how they act.  My people may be my greatest wealth….

The purpose?  The most honest answer to that is, I reflect on the number of things that seem designed to break my mind or my spirit or my self-confidence..and I’m still here. If my heart is still beating, I’ll keep going…

When I saw the writing on the wall, for the first time in a long time, I felt fear.  Bad things will happen of course, but as long as steer clear of being completely reckless…it’s truly, all on me now. Everything I’ve wanted is genuinely on the table. It’s all about the discipline.

I start naming names, I’ll either leave someone out, or undersell someone’s influence or importance.  If you’ve read this far, then know I appreciate the impact you’ve had on my life.

On to the next.















One more, irresistable Neptunes beat to start your weekend.

Start my vacation this weekend.  I have some of my favorite scoring music set up for you next week. I’ll try to drop it on you in my free moments.

In the meantime, have a good one folks!




So who’s up for some music?

Few different pots on the stove right now; what I’m cooking will reveal itself in due time.

Meanwhile, one of the most perfect pop songs of my younger days hit the Shuffle so we return to the audio section of this thing with this here.





The weekend!

Next week? All movie reviews here.  So wanted to bring the heat to start a three day weekend (for most of us).

Forgot how much funny this video was.  Busta was THE Guy for a minute.

Back Monday night to give my thoughts on Wakanda on the big screen.  Enjoy the long break folks.




My Frat ‘DJ Joe Brooks’ sent me his Valentine’s Day mix last night.  It’s a nice blend of old school, blue eyed soul and reggae.  Good music choice to start this week.




Funny, I was just watching this last week for acting purposes…

But since Quincy Jones felt the need to throw the 1960s under the bus this week, let me post this…

More serious people, who are more directly affected by homophobia than I, can speak to some of the uglier comments around Q’s revelations about Marlon’s bisexuality.  Brando was my acting idol when I started, so in my own research, that aspect of his life I knew about years ago.

The name dropping was new information though!

Aside from that (and on a much lighter note), among film geeks, among actors, a phrase I’ve heard more than once is, ‘I don’t swing that way, but young Marlon Brando in peak physical condition in ‘Streetcar’…I understand.’

Next Best Picture review Sunday night.