The Chiefs win the Super Bowl then Kobe then the global pandemic then a new Black Lives Matter tipping point and it goes on. I’d like one more momentum shift (come November-ish) but the first half of this year has probably taken care of me for the decade, and I know I’m not the only one.

As of the moment I write this, even some of those who are counting on ’emotional exhaustion’ seem to have enough awareness to be more subtle at least if you want to throw gasoline on the million and one fires we’re all dealing with. At halftime of 2020, being physically and spiritually able to say “I’m still here” feel like major victories.

So, if we’re still here we still push onward toward our respective endgames. No earthly idea what normal will look like on the other side of this (and neither do you) but we’re not done just yet.

Hope you’re taking of yourself.

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