‘Avengers: Infinity War’

  Just through a coincidence, I watched ‘the Dark Knight’ last night.  Bias aside, still my favorite ‘film featuring characters who started in comic books.’ But ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ might be the best ‘comic book movie’ ever. A few non spoiling thoughts… I was rolling over in my head the last time I sat in […]

‘Black Panther’

Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, Coming to America…Black Panther is in the pantheon of great black films, immediately. So what can I say that hasn’t been hot taked to death already?  I picked a few things… Stakes – Yes, I’m going to use ‘the Dark Knight’ as one of the best examples, but it’s […]

‘Darkest Hour’

  First, Rest in Peace Reg E. Cathey.  From ‘Oz’ to ‘the Wire’ to ‘House of Cards’, Cathey was a fantastic, Emmy winning character actor.  More importantly, judging by the words of those who knew him and worked with him, an even better human being.  He will be missed. Speaking of character actors.  Lee Harvey […]

‘Justice League’

  DC finally got the formula right for the most part.  Now can they get the general goodwill of the fanbase back? To the degree you can put away what came before it, ‘Justice League’ is actually enjoyable and has some fun moments.  For this generation, Superman has never felt more like Superman, the Flash […]

‘Wayne Thanksgiving’

  I was at the game last night, but this skit was sent to me multiple times this morning. And for good reason, it’s great. If you tell me this is one of the pieces Donald Glover ghostwrote for this episode…I wouldn’t doubt you for a millisecond. Enjoy!  


  Finally got to see ‘Dunkirk’ on the big screen last week, courtesy of Warner Brothers.  There was a dessert service after the Q&A with Nolan, so yes, ‘For Your Consideration’ season has begun! I’m not a World War II buff by any means so Dunkirk didn’t hold a strong meaning to me beyond doing […]

R.I.P. Hef

  I was aware I hadn’t seen him make any public appearances in years, but still felt a little sad tonight to hear about the passing of Hugh Hefner. First, the big stuff that everyone will touch on, in one way or another.  The magazine of course, which came onto the zeitgeist at the perfect […]

Metaphors Coming Full Circle…

  RACHEL: ‘What will you do?’ BRUCE: ‘Rebuild it.  Just the way it was, brick for brick.’ ALFRED: ‘Just the way it was, sir?’ BRUCE: ‘Yeah.  Why?’ ALFRED: ‘I thought this might be a good opportunity for improving the foundations.’ BRUCE: ‘In the southeast corner…’ ALFRED: ‘Precisely sir…’  

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

  Didn’t really go in with any expectations, and have to say I enjoyed it. Not another origin story (thank God) but picking up where ‘Civil War’ left off, the first real ‘Marvel’ Spider-Man movie feels that way.  Not just because of the Iron Man and Captain America cameos, but just in general tone.  There […]