Goodbye 2020…

If you’re reading this, you made it through the most collectively stressful twelve months of (the overwhelmingly majority of) our lives. Positive vibes into the future. Happy New Year to all.

Video of the Day – ‘If My Homie Calls’

Last week ended with a bittersweet memory of my Frat brother who passed, let’s start this week on a happier note. My Captain’s birthday was over the weekend. For all the obvious reasons, the number of times we talk in a year you can count on one hand at this point. But birthdays is one […]

Song of the Day – ‘Smile’

  Excited to hear Steve McQueen behind a 2Pac documentary.  The producers behind it have made some of the better music documentaries in recent years.  Not sure how much new information there is about Pac at this point, but I guess we’ll see. That’s the segway to today’s song choice. Enjoy!  

Rabbit Holes

  Many of you have watched me adjust to a life of order.  The weird days, the peaceful days, and the resentful days.  I’ve never been the hold on to anger type, really, but it’s human to look back at things you would do differently, knowing what you know now. Today I was reminded of […]


Like a lot of you, I’m still buzzing on how much I enjoyed ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and the memories of that era of hip hop. So let’s segway by starting the week here. Enjoy!

Song of the Day – ‘If My Homie Calls’

So… I had an idea in mind…if the numbers look like this by the time I think the judges see it, I think I’ll be in good shape. And I asked you guys for help… And you guys blew past what I wanted in less than 24 hours.  I apologize for underestimating you. Anyway, go […]