New Muslim Cool

  The documentary New Muslim Cool is available on Netflix Instant.  Made a couple years back, the film follows a Puerto Rican brother by the name of Hamza, who converted to Islam and credits the religion for turning his life around.  In my opinion, this doc offers one of the better, more personal views of what it’s […]

American Muslim IX: The Mountain

  So, I want to make my first feature length film… Step one, as is always the case, was creating the script.  I caught parts of Clooney on the Actors Studio over the weekend, and I agree with his sentiment that you can take a good script and make a bad film out of it, […]

American Muslim, Volume VII

  A friend across the pond has passions similar to mine so when I got home tonight I shot a quick video promoting our mutual interests.  You can see that below.  The mustache I’m sporting for another week is for Movember; it’s certainly drawn attention to that cause. I guess at the moment I’m socially […]

American Muslim, Volume VI

  I’ve spent quite a bit of time the past few weeks profusely thanking the people around me.  Calling friends, hanging out, sending cards: doing right by those who have done right by me.  Nothing extraordinarily good or bad has happened to me (yet), but the desire to be grateful has hit me.  Depending on […]

My Representative

  I made a deliberate choice not to speak on 9/11 this year.  I’ve expressed my feelings before here and in other places, and I knew on this anniversary there would be many other voices. My friends on the ‘My Fellow American’ project continue to do good work and bring in the heavy hitters to […]

American Muslim, Volume V

  A little over a month ago, I was asked what my resolution for this Ramadan would be.  In my heart, I was aware of what I needed to do, but at the time I wasn’t ready to commit to it. Sometimes you go through things in your private life, and your feelings about those […]

American Muslim, Volume IV

  I’ve talked a lot about what I am, and not much lately about what I do.  I’ve been treated to some pleasant news which through sheer coincidence of timing came while I’ve been fasting. The last script that I wrote was a semi-autobiographical story about growing up as a Muslim in pre and post […]

American Muslim, Volume III

  At the midpoint of Ramadan, time for a little reflection. Russell Simmons is one of the more famous faces who has lent his name to the cause: When I started my own series of essays on the subject, I will say it was refreshing to know of the many non-Muslim Americans who rejected the […]

American Muslim, Volume II

  So…who are we? We’ve been here since the beginning of this country.  We’ve been diplomats and ambassadors, industrialists and slaves. We’ve been illiterate and uneducated, and we’ve written some of the defining essays and books of the American experience. Our background has made us as a community some of the most conservative members of […]


So my post from the beginning of the week, ‘American Muslim, Volume I,’ got a lot of praise (thank you if I haven’t thanked you privately) and caught a lot of eyeballs.  Among those eyeballs were the group ‘My Fellow Americans,’ whose goals run parallel to mine: Their website is , I encourage you to check […]