American Muslim, Volume VII


A friend across the pond has passions similar to mine so when I got home tonight I shot a quick video promoting our mutual interests.  You can see that below.  The mustache I’m sporting for another week is for Movember; it’s certainly drawn attention to that cause. I guess at the moment I’m socially consciously multitasking.

I’m going through my annual rewatching of my favorite television series ever, The Wire.  I won’t spend this space trying to win you over to it, but if you haven’t watched it, you should.  Anyway, one of the nice things about watching a show like this is reconnecting with all the minor characters who fill up the world.  I just passed the episode (minor spoiler alert) where Omar shoots Brother Mouzone.  Thinking he’s on the verge of death, Brother Mouzone won’t give Omar the privilege of hearing him beg for his life, he simply says “I’ve made peace with my God,” and starts to pray to himself.  Sure, I probably smile a little wider than most hearing the brother with the bowtie say that line, but the truth of the statement should ring true to everyone.

“I’ve made peace with my God.”  Everyone of us has our own set of problems to deal with; we’re all driven by our own agendas, and then have to manage the agendas of others to various degrees.  But you lose track of your own peace of mind, you might wake up one day and find you’ve given over too much of your life and personal happiness to someone or something with no vested interest in you.

And on that optimistic note, I wish you a happy week!  I’ll try to get up one more post before Thanksgiving, but the short week may prevent that from happening.



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