This Week’s Screenings


Here are this weekend’s screenings for the African-American Short Films program:

Macon  Station: WPGA /IND   Date: 11/19 Time: 5:00PM

Columbus, OH  Station: WWHO CW   Date: 11/20 Time: 11:00AM

Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk  Station: WZZM / ABC   Date: 11/20 Time: 2:30PM

Montgomery-Selma  Station: WNCF ABC   Date: 11/20 Time: 2:00PM

The Midwest and the South representing this week.  Now if you don’t mind, a little introspection…

I was talking to my old man, who called down home to some cousins in Baton Rouge about last night’s screening.  Even before I talked to him though, I took a moment to reflect on how, for quite a while now, my work, my image, my art has been able to travel places I have never been to personally.  Some places I never will go to, some places I plan to visit eventually.  As strong as my itch is to have more, it’s still something I admit I lose sight of from time to time.  Remembering where I started, and remembering that what I’ve already accomplished is amazing to many of those who love me.

So that’s my sappiness for the week. Have a great weekend!


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