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As this post is about me as a writer, let me do a solid to start.  If you’re a blog writer, screenwriter, joke writer, or a like minded member of our ilk, what’s the dreaded word no one wants to hear or be accused of?  Stealing.  There’s no foolproof method of course, but I recommend my friends at Grammarly to help out.  Use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker online because every story has been told, and if you have a feeling the story you’re telling is destined for greatness, there’s a chance someone already beat you to it.

Now, what am I writing these days?

Well, the ‘indie’ project I’ve written is the latest version of my teenage, sci fi project ‘The Legend of the Cursed Angel’.  I’ve taken my Star Wars and refashioned it as a low budget webseries, with a stronger emphasis on every episode raising the stakes on ‘how does this end?’ and less emphasis on ‘planets exploding’ and other such nonsense it’s just completely impractical for me to pull off.  It’s a ‘movie star’ type part for yours truly, and when I figure out which way I want to go the other major part, I’ll at least get the pilot episode shot.  Science fiction, and movie star stuff, I know that doesn’t really scream ‘indie’ but as I joked about with one of my co-stars, when you’re name dropping Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu-Jamal in your script, you’re not exactly screaming Hollywood either…

On the Hollywood side, I’m in the middle of my feature rewrite for ‘Lady In My Life’.  The ‘people’ like what I did in the last version fine, but my quest to be original broke way too many genre rules (damn System), so now it’s telling the story I want to tell in a form everyone can recognize while still doing it in a way that is so unique anyone who sees it will know it is ‘my voice’ and it stands out from the pack (welcome to the life of Hollywood screenwriting).  I’m already more than halfway there so that doesn’t really concern me; the other part of writing for ‘the Bank’ is the first thing ‘the Bank’ is going to do is envision who they can put in your story to make money.  In the last revision I did, I (of course) and Kerry were high school sweethearts who had a baby when we were teenagers, and now that kid (Michael B. Jordan) of course is about to be a man, and…Page 1.  And who would play the present day love interests?  Everyone who offered suggestions, I’m still digesting all of them: Jennifer Lawrence, Lupita, Alison Brie, Brie Larson, Emma Stone, Jurnee Smollett, Kerry, Beharie, Alba, Zooey.  And no, I’m not deliberately looking past the wife/mother character, she is the ‘Lady’; in the current version of the script though, I’ve framed it as a father/son story and how each reacts when given similar choices.  And if that framework sounds like it borrows from one of my favorite/greatest movies ever but using it in a more comic form…you may be on the right track there slugger.

So that’s what’s up with the nonstop writing so far in 2014.  When we progress into acting and/or directing, I’ll keep you posted.




The question I get most often from those of you who have tracked my progress is ‘Have you written anything new recently?’  And the answer for most of the past year has been no, for a lot of reasons.  In no particular order, the time and commitment necessary to make a short film, ‘the Actor’ making serious, tangible headway into the Game (more on that front later in the week), and if we’re being honest, inspiration/motivation.

Well, that question can be put off for a while.  I wrote a very short story, that I think would be a nice short film, in live action or animated form.  Or maybe some other artform I haven’t considered yet.  If you want to consider it part of the ‘Malik Anthology’, it’s very much a sequel to ‘Lady in My Life’, albeit set a good five to ten years into the future (at least).  In this story, a father is talking to his child about love, and…I’ll let you take it from there.

It’s posted on Joseph Gordon Levitt’s site, hitRECord.org.  In other words, my fellow artists, I’m ceding this one over to you to see what you might turn it into.  I actually dig the ‘community collaborative’ element of it, and in time I imagine I’ll jump in from time to time and throw some words onto the projects of people who are looking for that.  But for now, enjoy…



Once in a while, you sit back and you look at the decisions you made (and didn’t make) and you wonder in what ways you may be better off (or worse off).  And then I finally got my copy of GQ this month, which has a fantastic interview with Denzel.  The whole interview is worth reading (there are nice pieces with Javier Bardem and Chris Paul too), but this particular response in relation to maintaining a private life struck a strong chord with me:

“(But) that’s not my job to put stuff out there.  Sidney Poitier told me this years ago: ‘If they see youfor free all week, they won’t pay to see you on the weekend, because they feel like they’ve seen you.  If you walk by the magazine section in the supermarket and they’ve known you all their life, there’s no mystery.  They can’t take the ride.’  My professional work is being a better actor.  I don’t know how to be a celebrity.’

I love that.  And it’s really interesting (and admittedly kind of fun) to see how all of us navigate the public/private line in the Facebook/Twitter generation.

And that’s a nice segway into the ‘public’ part of Malik Aziz: I’ve put a few more projects under my belt this year so I’ve updated what used to just be the ‘Lady In My Life’ page to include some of the other projects I’ve been lucky enough to be cast in.  You can find that on the ‘Where Do I Know You From?’ tab up top.

Have a good week all.  More later…


The Christmas weekend is upon us, and African-American Short Films (featuring Lady In My Life) will be showing this weekend in some of my favorite cities to visit:

Louisville  Station: WKYI / IND   Date: 12/23 Time: 11:00PM

Alexandria, LA  Station: KALB / NBC   Date: 12/24 Time: 12:00PM

Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)  Station: WLTZ NBC   Date: 12/24 Time: 1:00PM

Richmond-Petersburg  Station: WTVR CBS   Date: 12/24 Time: 2:00PM

Columbia, SC  Station: WOLO / ABC   Date: 12/24 Time: 2:00PM

Greenvll-Spart-Ashevll-And  Station: WMYA MYNET   Date: 12/24 Time: 3:00PM

Hartford & New Haven  Station: WVIT NBC   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:30AM

Charlotte  Station: WJZY-TV CW   Date: 12/25 Time: 3:00AM

Hartford & New Haven  Station: WVIT NBC   Date: 12/25 Time: 7:00AM

Atlanta  Station: WXIA / ABC   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:00PM

New Orleans  Station: WDSU / NBC   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:00PM

Wichita-Hutchinson Plus  Station: KCTU / IND   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:00PM

Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle)  Station: WRDC / MYT   Date: 12/25 Time: 2:00PM

Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd)  Station: KLPN/FOX   Date: 12/25 Time: 3:00PM

Jacksonville  Station: WAWS/FOX   Date: 12/25 Time: 4:00PM

Odessa-Midland  Station: KPEJ / FOX   Date: 12/27 Time: 4:00AM

Odessa-Midland  Station: KPEJ/FOX   Date: 12/27 Time: 4:00AM

Fairbanks  Station: KFXF/FOX   Date: 12/29 Time: 2:00AM

Wichita and Charlotte I’ve been to for weddings, the ATL and the N.O., well I’d rather not post those memories on the internet!
Merry Christmas to my many friends who celebrate the holiday.  More movie reviews to come next week before we officially call it a year!


Captured the lovely image above on my own DVR last weekend.  Very humbling and flattering.  Now on to this weekend’s screenings:

Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn Station: WCBI / CBS Date: 12/02 Time: 1:05AM

Odessa-Midland Station: KPEJ / FOX Date: 12/02 Time: 4:00AM

Beaumont-Port Arthur Station: KFCM / CBS Date: 12/03 Time: 1:00AM

Houston Station: KTXH-TV MYTV Date: 12/03 Time: 4:00AM

Milwaukee Station: WITI / FOX Date: 12/03 Time: 1:00PM

Cleveland-Akron (Canton) Station: WEWS/ABC Date: 12/03 Time: 2:00PM

Chattanooga Station: WDSI Date: 12/03 Time: 5:00PM

Lafayette, LA Station: KLFY / CBS Date: 12/03 Time: 11:30PM

Shreveport Station: KMSS/KSHV FOX Date: 12/04 Time: 2:00AM

Reno Station: KOLO/ABC Date: 12/04 Time: 2:00PM

Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn Station: WCBI/CBS Date: 12/05 Time: 4:00AM

Houston, Shreveport, Lafayette: 3 cities I know very well.  It wasn’t all that long ago I was in H-town, catching up with one of my closer childhood cousins.  In an alternate universe I would have chosen to go to Prairie View out of high school, and who knows what my life would have been? Certainly not complaining about the path I chose and the life I’m living though.
Have a great weekend!


So if you’re like me, you’re probably still digesting your giblets.  Got an extra day off work.  If you’re really like me, you’re avoiding anything that remotely resembles a shopping center this weekend.  So what do you do hot shot, what do you do?

I’ll tell you what to do; you can catch “Lady In My Life’ on African-American Short Films!  This weekend,  the film plays in both my native and my adopted hometown:

Odessa-Midland  Station: KPEJ / FOX   Date: 12/02 Time: 4:00AM

Toledo  Station: WMNT/MYTV   Date: 11/25 Time: 2:00PM

Waco-Temple-Bryan  Station: KWKT/FOX   Date: 11/27 Time: 3:30AM

Waco-Temple-Bryan  Station: KYLE/MYNET   Date: 11/27 Time: 3:30AM

Kansas City  Station: KMBC / NBC   Date: 11/27 Time: 12:30PM

Jackson, MS  Station: WAPT / NBC   Date: 11/27 Time: 12:00PM

Los Angeles  Station: KCBS / KCAL   Date: 11/28 Time: 4:00AM

I know for a fact the Chiefs don’t play until Sunday night this weekend, all the more reason to get a little joy on the television this weekend before the bitterness and frustration kick in.

Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving weekend!


Here are this weekend’s screenings for the African-American Short Films program:

Macon  Station: WPGA /IND   Date: 11/19 Time: 5:00PM

Columbus, OH  Station: WWHO CW   Date: 11/20 Time: 11:00AM

Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk  Station: WZZM / ABC   Date: 11/20 Time: 2:30PM

Montgomery-Selma  Station: WNCF ABC   Date: 11/20 Time: 2:00PM

The Midwest and the South representing this week.  Now if you don’t mind, a little introspection…

I was talking to my old man, who called down home to some cousins in Baton Rouge about last night’s screening.  Even before I talked to him though, I took a moment to reflect on how, for quite a while now, my work, my image, my art has been able to travel places I have never been to personally.  Some places I never will go to, some places I plan to visit eventually.  As strong as my itch is to have more, it’s still something I admit I lose sight of from time to time.  Remembering where I started, and remembering that what I’ve already accomplished is amazing to many of those who love me.

So that’s my sappiness for the week. Have a great weekend!


Baton Rouge


‘African-American Short Films’ gets an early start this weekend, in the state where my roots can be traced back to.

Thursday night, the show airs on Baton Rouge’s KWBJ at 8 P.M.  I’ve passed through Baton Rouge many times of course; as I’ve stated in this space, I spent a small part of my school years and many summers growing up in Louisiana.  A lot of family there.  Nice personal milestone.

As more dates come in, I’ll keep you posted.

Award Tour


This week, ‘African-American Short Films’ really starts to expand its quarter run.  The Second City, Lexington, and Tampa all get their screenings this weekend.  The exact times, dates, and stations are below:

Meridian, WGBC / NBC   Date: 11/12 Time: 1:00PM

Lima, WLIO / NBC   Date: 11/12 Time: 1:00PM
Dothan, WDHN / ABC   Date: 11/12 Time: 11:00PM
Lexington, WLEX / NBC   Date: 11/13 Time: 5:00AM
Chicago, WLS / ABC   Date: 11/13 Time: 12:30PM
Lima, WOHL FOX   Date: 11/13 Time: 1:00PM
Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota), WTVT-TV FOX   Date: 11/14 Time: 4:00AM
More cities, dates and times will be coming soon.  And as always, thanks everyone for your support of my film and the other films on the show.  Have a good weekend!

African-American Short Films


I’ll keep this one short and sweet…

The syndicated program “African-American Short Films” has selected “Lady In My Life” as one of its featured films for this quarter.  Like many of you, I’ve caught the show on a Sunday afternoon when it comes on; I’m tremendously humbled and thrilled to have my film be a part of it.

This weekend the show will be playing in the Twin Cities and Lansing:

Minneapolis-St. Paul  Station: KSTC / IND   Date: 11/06 Time: 2:00AM

Lansing  Station: WSYM / FOX   Date: 11/07 Time: 1:00AM

In the next couple of weeks, Chicago, Montgomery/Selma, and Tampa/St. Pete have their episodes air. I’ll promo those markets as they approach.

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported this project over this life cycle.  I’m truly blessed.

Have a great weekend!