African-American Short Films


I’ll keep this one short and sweet…

The syndicated program “African-American Short Films” has selected “Lady In My Life” as one of its featured films for this quarter.  Like many of you, I’ve caught the show on a Sunday afternoon when it comes on; I’m tremendously humbled and thrilled to have my film be a part of it.

This weekend the show will be playing in the Twin Cities and Lansing:

Minneapolis-St. Paul  Station: KSTC / IND   Date: 11/06 Time: 2:00AM

Lansing  Station: WSYM / FOX   Date: 11/07 Time: 1:00AM

In the next couple of weeks, Chicago, Montgomery/Selma, and Tampa/St. Pete have their episodes air. I’ll promo those markets as they approach.

Again, thank you to everyone who has supported this project over this life cycle.  I’m truly blessed.

Have a great weekend!

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