African-American Short Films: Merry Christmas!

  The Christmas weekend is upon us, and African-American Short Films (featuring Lady In My Life) will be showing this weekend in some of my favorite cities to visit: Louisville  Station: WKYI / IND   Date: 12/23 Time: 11:00PM Alexandria, LA  Station: KALB / NBC   Date: 12/24 Time: 12:00PM Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)  Station: WLTZ NBC   Date: 12/24 Time: […]

African-American Short Films: 3rd Week of December

  Lot of cities I’m familiar with or have friends in this weekend.  Here are the dates for ‘African-American Short Films’ this weekend: Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)  Station: WLTZ / NBC*   Date: 12/16 Time: 3:00AM Tallahassee-Thomasville  Station: WTLH FOX   Date: 12/16 Time: 3:00AM Cincinnati  Station: EKRC / CW   Date: 12/17 Time: 1:00PM Davenport-R.Island-Moline  Station: WQAD / ABC   Date: 12/17 […]

African-American Short Films: 2nd Week of December

  It’s the weekend which means the episode of African-American Short Films featuring my short is hitting new markets.  This week it’s pretty long, see below: Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn  Station: WCBI/CBS   Date: 12/10 Time: 1:05AM Dothan  Station: WDHN ABC   Date: 12/10 Time: 5:00AM Dayton  Station: WRCX / IND   Date: 12/10 Time: 10:00AM Monroe-El Dorado  Station: KAQY / ABC   Date: 12/10 […]

African-American Short Films: My Kind of Town

  So if you’re like me, you’re probably still digesting your giblets.  Got an extra day off work.  If you’re really like me, you’re avoiding anything that remotely resembles a shopping center this weekend.  So what do you do hot shot, what do you do? I’ll tell you what to do; you can catch “Lady […]

This Week’s Screenings

  Here are this weekend’s screenings for the African-American Short Films program: Macon  Station: WPGA /IND   Date: 11/19 Time: 5:00PM Columbus, OH  Station: WWHO CW   Date: 11/20 Time: 11:00AM Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk  Station: WZZM / ABC   Date: 11/20 Time: 2:30PM Montgomery-Selma  Station: WNCF ABC   Date: 11/20 Time: 2:00PM The Midwest and the South representing this week.  Now if you don’t […]

Baton Rouge

  ‘African-American Short Films’ gets an early start this weekend, in the state where my roots can be traced back to. Thursday night, the show airs on Baton Rouge’s KWBJ at 8 P.M.  I’ve passed through Baton Rouge many times of course; as I’ve stated in this space, I spent a small part of my […]

Award Tour

  This week, ‘African-American Short Films’ really starts to expand its quarter run.  The Second City, Lexington, and Tampa all get their screenings this weekend.  The exact times, dates, and stations are below: Meridian, WGBC / NBC   Date: 11/12 Time: 1:00PM Lima, WLIO / NBC   Date: 11/12 Time: 1:00PM Dothan, WDHN / ABC   Date: 11/12 […]

African-American Short Films

  I’ll keep this one short and sweet… The syndicated program “African-American Short Films” has selected “Lady In My Life” as one of its featured films for this quarter.  Like many of you, I’ve caught the show on a Sunday afternoon when it comes on; I’m tremendously humbled and thrilled to have my film be […]