Award Tour


This week, ‘African-American Short Films’ really starts to expand its quarter run.  The Second City, Lexington, and Tampa all get their screenings this weekend.  The exact times, dates, and stations are below:

Meridian, WGBC / NBC   Date: 11/12 Time: 1:00PM

Lima, WLIO / NBC   Date: 11/12 Time: 1:00PM
Dothan, WDHN / ABC   Date: 11/12 Time: 11:00PM
Lexington, WLEX / NBC   Date: 11/13 Time: 5:00AM
Chicago, WLS / ABC   Date: 11/13 Time: 12:30PM
Lima, WOHL FOX   Date: 11/13 Time: 1:00PM
Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota), WTVT-TV FOX   Date: 11/14 Time: 4:00AM
More cities, dates and times will be coming soon.  And as always, thanks everyone for your support of my film and the other films on the show.  Have a good weekend!

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