African-American Short Films: 2nd Week of December


It’s the weekend which means the episode of African-American Short Films featuring my short is hitting new markets.  This week it’s pretty long, see below:

Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn  Station: WCBI/CBS   Date: 12/10 Time: 1:05AM

Dothan  Station: WDHN ABC   Date: 12/10 Time: 5:00AM

Dayton  Station: WRCX / IND   Date: 12/10 Time: 10:00AM

Monroe-El Dorado  Station: KAQY / ABC   Date: 12/10 Time: 11:00AM

Chattanooga  Station: WFLI/FOX   Date: 12/10 Time: 12:00PM

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale  Station: WBFS-TV MYTV   Date: 12/10 Time: 12:00PM

Utica  Station: WFXV FOX   Date: 12/10 Time: 1:00PM

Norfolk-Portsmth-Newpt Nws  Station: WSKY / IND   Date: 12/10 Time: 2:00PM

San Francisco-Oak-San Jose  Station: KOFY / IND   Date: 12/10 Time: 3:00PM

Nashville  Station: WZTV/FOX   Date: 12/10 Time: 3:00PM

Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd)  Station: KLPN Fox   Date: 12/10 Time: 3:00PM

Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn  Station: WRDQ / IND   Date: 12/10 Time: 4:00PM

Baltimore  Station: WMAR ABC   Date: 12/11 Time: 2:00AM

Dayton  Station: WRCX/IND   Date: 12/11 Time: 10:00AM

Indianapolis  Station: WNDY IND   Date: 12/11 Time: 12:00PM

Jackson, MS  Station: WAPT/NBC   Date: 12/11 Time: 1:00PM

Monroe-El Dorado  Station: KAQY ABC   Date: 12/11 Time: 11:30PM

Baton Rouge  Station: KWBJ / IND   Date: 12/12 Time: 8:00AM

Dallas-Ft. Worth  Station: KFWD / IND   Date: 12/12 Time: 3:00PM

Tallahassee-Thomasville  Station: WTLH FOX   Date: 12/16 Time: 3:00AM

Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)  Station: WLTZ / NBC*   Date: 12/16 Time: 3:00AM

I can’t pick out one city on that list to tell a story about, so instead I’ll show some love to my production team.  My DP on this project was Jeremy Osbern, a very talented fellow Jayhawk alum like myself.  I really can’t say enough good things about the gang at Through A Glass, in time the fates will align and we’ll work together again.

All for now, have a good weekend!

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