African-American Short Films: Merry Christmas!


The Christmas weekend is upon us, and African-American Short Films (featuring Lady In My Life) will be showing this weekend in some of my favorite cities to visit:

Louisville  Station: WKYI / IND   Date: 12/23 Time: 11:00PM

Alexandria, LA  Station: KALB / NBC   Date: 12/24 Time: 12:00PM

Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)  Station: WLTZ NBC   Date: 12/24 Time: 1:00PM

Richmond-Petersburg  Station: WTVR CBS   Date: 12/24 Time: 2:00PM

Columbia, SC  Station: WOLO / ABC   Date: 12/24 Time: 2:00PM

Greenvll-Spart-Ashevll-And  Station: WMYA MYNET   Date: 12/24 Time: 3:00PM

Hartford & New Haven  Station: WVIT NBC   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:30AM

Charlotte  Station: WJZY-TV CW   Date: 12/25 Time: 3:00AM

Hartford & New Haven  Station: WVIT NBC   Date: 12/25 Time: 7:00AM

Atlanta  Station: WXIA / ABC   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:00PM

New Orleans  Station: WDSU / NBC   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:00PM

Wichita-Hutchinson Plus  Station: KCTU / IND   Date: 12/25 Time: 1:00PM

Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle)  Station: WRDC / MYT   Date: 12/25 Time: 2:00PM

Tyler-Longview(Lfkn&Ncgd)  Station: KLPN/FOX   Date: 12/25 Time: 3:00PM

Jacksonville  Station: WAWS/FOX   Date: 12/25 Time: 4:00PM

Odessa-Midland  Station: KPEJ / FOX   Date: 12/27 Time: 4:00AM

Odessa-Midland  Station: KPEJ/FOX   Date: 12/27 Time: 4:00AM

Fairbanks  Station: KFXF/FOX   Date: 12/29 Time: 2:00AM

Wichita and Charlotte I’ve been to for weddings, the ATL and the N.O., well I’d rather not post those memories on the internet!
Merry Christmas to my many friends who celebrate the holiday.  More movie reviews to come next week before we officially call it a year!

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